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Re: SajwIj

In a message dated 1/16/2002 8:35:11 PM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

> (Can {Qub} be used to express opinion, or just to indicate the thinking
> process?)
> ghomvam qech'a' vISovbe', 'ach reH wot <<Har>> vIlo', qech 'oSmo' DIvI' Hol 
> mu' "think" rurbogh:
> reH tlhInganpu' yoH 'e' vIHar.
> I believe that Klingons are always brave.
> I don't know the consensus of the group as a whole, but I have always used 
> <<Har>>, since it provides a similar meaning.

I'm just throwing in two or three cents worth of opinion here.  I like 
Klingon thought processes to differ from common English ones (I'm not saying 
anything about the language thought processes of non-English speakers on 
Earth).  {Har} works great for "believing that something is....." and {Qub} 
can be restricted to the thinking process.  OTOH, I've seen lots of us 
English-speakers extending {Qub} to mean we "think that.....," often using 

The above-referenced message pleases me.

In addition to the information in the above-referenced message, TKD gives us 
the option of using {-law'} (V6) "apparently, it seems that....." on a verb 
to express that the speaker is undergoing a "thingking process" about the 


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