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Re: [KLBC] some more questions

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From: "TPO" <>

> Other ways to handle this...
> "You (do something) but you still have your honor."
> (bIvang) SoH 'ach bIquvtaH

Not that my opinion is worth much but, I agree!

If something was done that needed forgiveness the culpritt would have lost
honour.  So to have the Klingon, needing to forgive, advise that he
considered honour restored would surely be equivelant and all the
forgiveness that the culpritt would require...

The next question is would the honour need to be restored to the victim, the
culpritt or both?

> Perhaps a new proverb like "Kahless did not see you (do something)."
> (bIvang) SoH 'e' leghbe' qeylIS
> Maybe eventually it would get shortened to just  Duleghbe' qeylIS
> DloraH, BG


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