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The Great Pangram Contest result (HQv10n4p13) has disappointed me.
Not just the winner sentence is larger than the ones presented on the 
mailing list, but even the count is wrong.
Therefore here you have my own results.
Please, note that in counting, I don't care about vowels and groups as 
{tlh}, {gh} or {ch} are counted as one letter:

Agnieszka Solska:
{qajunpaQHeylIjmo' batlh DuSuvqang charghwI' 'It}
(because of your apparent audacity the depressed conqueror is willing to 
fight you)
There are 2q, 2j and 3'.
38 letters.

Nicolau Rodrigues:
{ro'wIj yItob: pIqaD naQ Hoch ngaS mu'tlhegh val}
(prove my fist: the smart sentence contains all the whole alphabet)
There are 2'.
34 letters.

Patrick Masterson:
(tlhIngan DuSaQ cha qal ta wIberghvIpmoH jay')
(We are f***ing afraid to make the Klingon school's corrupt torpedoes record 
No consonant is repeated.
34 letters.
So Patrick should be the winner.

I haven't seen more Klingon Pangrams, so perhaps there's out there even a 
shorter one (and with more sense).

vIvIt: pagh vIQojqangbe'


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