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Re: monkey (was: Re: A couple of questions.)

At 06:00 AM 1/19/02 +0000, you wrote:

> > do we have a word for an animal similar to monkey?
>We have the ape-like mughato', but we don't yet know the "Okrand" term for
>something similar to a monkey.  In non-okrand, from "Day of Honor 2 -
>Armamgeddon Sky" we have:  xirri - (n) name given by K'Taran to the
>native "monkeys" of Cha'Xirrac.  But even this is probably not "klingon"
>because the name was given to them by a young girl; it was HER name for them.
>As far as I know, this is all we have, which isn't much.

Human?   :)


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