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RE: [KLBC] some more questions

> > One has been on my mind for quite some time... how do I say "I think about
> > something"? Or "dream about something"? I could use "something causes me
> > think" but that's not quite the same...
>There are different ways to handle this depending on the full intended

Ok... but there's no known general grammatical construction to use "think" 
(or any other such verb) as "think about"?

Also, another question... how would I say "I forgive you for [something]"? 
Ok maybe a bad example since there seems to be no Klingon word for "to 
forgive", but it's the grammar I'm interested in...
"I hate you for [something]" is easier, but that's a different case, you 
can use -mo' there. But what with "forgive"? If you say "you did something" 
'e' "I forgive it", would that be ok? Sorry if this seems a bit irrelevant 
since there IS no verb "to forgive", but I'm just trying to get a good feel 
for the grammar and explore the language.

 >naj - dream.  Unfortunately this is not glossed as "dream about".
>We do have canon for naj. (PK)
>bInajtaHvIS qeylIS Daghomjaj - "May you encounter Kahless in your dreams."

Again, a clever solution. :) Just like your solution for the 40 qelI'qam 
radius issue, I never would have thought of that myself!

muQaHchu'lI'mo' DloraH vItlho'qa'. :) naDev ghojtaHqu' 'ej muyonmoH.


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