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RE: A couple of questions.

> >maybe for knuckle - nItlh qIv
> Considering how much smaller a knuckle is to a knee, if I used 
> DloraH's suggestion I'd modify it to:
> nItlh qIvHom


> My elbow is smaller than my knee, but it's still just DeSqIv, not DeSqIvHom.  
> If it's on your finger I sure hope it's smaller.  Remember, -Hom (and -'a') 
> doesn't mean "small" (and "big").
> But now, the finger has more than one joint.  The "main" joint on the finger 
> could be a nItlh qIv'a', the middle joint could be plain nItlh qIv, and 
> the "minor" joint near the tip could be the nItlh qIvHom.

Or just as likely the Klingon word (or words) for "knuckle" has nothing to do with <qIv>. In any case, I don't think <-'a'> and <-Hom> can be stretched this far and still make sense.


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