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Re: verb question

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Some definitions for "prowl" in english are, "predatory crawl", "to
rove/trek stealthily", "move stealthily".  I'd based my solution on the
later to get, "move while unobserved"  [below]

> Trying think of something useable I came up with the following mess using
> what I hope is "Move while unobserved" (I considered using secret or
> hidden/cloaked but I think unobserved is more fitting)..
>     tu'moHHa'taHvIS  vIHlu'
> on that basis if that is acceptable for I prowl I'd use "I move while
> unobserved":
>     tu'moHHa'taHvIS jIvIH
> What does everyone else think
> qe'San

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