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RE: More puns in new vocab

ja' Voragh:
>I'm sure it'll show my age, but the only TV "mirror twin" bit I remember
>was in
>opening credits to the "The Patty Duke Show".  Of course Duke played both
>twins, with the aid of some (for the time) fancy special effects.

Lucy Ricardo, Harpo Marx je Daqaw'a'?

>Ironically, the Olsen twins are today about the same age Alice was in Lewis
>Carroll's books (about 13 or 14), but back in "Full House" they were infants.

<Alice wutlh Hoq> lutDaq, Soch ben boghpu' Alice.  <SIla' vegh> lutDaq,
Soch ben bID je boghpu'.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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