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RE: More puns in new vocab

> The Olsen twins

charghwI' responds:
: Ahh. Otherwise no known difference.
: But then, who are the Olsen twins? I know I've heard the reference, 
: but it didn't stick. jIlIjpu'.

Voragh said:
They're a pair - chang'eng(!) - of twin female child actors on American
television who started while still infants.  I have no idea what the
with mirrors is.  Are we sure whether this is the "Olsen" which Okrand had

When I saw {SIla'} and eventually read it backwards, I realized that it
referred to Alice Through the Looking Glass. I then read {neSlo'} backwards,
and saw "Olsen". I assumed that this referred to the aforementioned Olsen
twins (who both played the part of Michelle Tanner on the tv show Full
House). The connection with mirrors probably is that the twins are mirror
images of themselves; in fact, I seem to recall that in one episode of Full
House, in a dream sequence, one of the twins looks into a mirror and the
mirror image (played by the other twin) steps out of it and interacts with
the "real" one.
Also, the latest issue of HolQeD says that a {neSlo'} is smaller than a
{SIla'} - if you compare the height of the Olsen twins with the typical tall
image of Alice, the Olsen twins are shorter.

- taD

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