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Re: KLBC: Re: Saj von Suq Qa'Hom cha'DIch'e'

From: "TPO" <>

> It's normal in klingon to repeat words.
> ...Soj Suqbogh Qa'Hom'e' 'oH Qa'Hom cha'DIch.

This is a trap that has bugged me for a while.  There's no /-'e'/ on
/cha'DIch/, but there needs to be.

But you've already used /-'e'/ on the other side of the pronoun!  Can this
be done?  I don't know.  I certainly don't like it (so just which noun
phrase is the "topic" of the copula?), but there no rule specifically
prohibiting it.

Soj Suqbogh Qa'Hom'e' 'oH Qa'Hom cha'DIch'e'
is grammatically equivalent to
tachDaq 'oH chom'e'.
But I don't like it.  Two /-'e'/s seems wrong.

You probably have to leave the head noun of the relative clause vague, for
grammar's sake:

Soj Suqbogh Qa'Hom 'oH Qa'Hom cha'DIch'e'.

(Just keep in mind that this could also be interpreted as "The second
/Qa'Hom/ is the food which the /Qa'Hom/ acquires" (possibly referring to the
first, dead /Qa'Hom/.)

Or, if you can change the emphasis of what you're saying, try:

Qa'Hom cha'DIch 'oH Soj Suqbogh Qa'Hom'e'.
As for the /Qa'Hom/ that acquires food, it is the second /Qa'Hom/.

I prefer the first option.

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