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Re: quick question about the new Klingon words in HolQeD

On Thu, 10 Jan 2002, Sean Healy wrote:
>>> notqa' - "a large, black bird (nowhere near as large as a {qa'rol},
>>> which is really big" [FYI Project Klingon Poe members!]

>> I was pretty sure this was a pun for "nevermore", and "not" does mean
>> "never", but is "qa'" the verbal suffix "do again", or something else?

> I will retreat nevermore = I will never retreat again = {not jIHeDqa'}

Yeah, that's why I assumed it was "qa'", but I wasn't sure if there
was another word I'd missed that was more likely.

For the most part I was debating whether it could be "nevermore" in
*Klingon* instead of just a pun of sorts, but it doesn't seem like it.
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