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ter'eS, bIlugh. DIvI' Hol mu'tlhegh tlhoblu'bogh leghlu'DI', 'ej wImughDI', 
reH tlhIngan Hol mu'tlhegh tlhoblu'bogh wIlo'nISbe'.

You are correct, ter'eS. When we see a question in English, and when we 
translate it, we don't always need to use a question in Klingon.

jIghItlhtaHvIS: paqHom vIghItlhpu'. qechmey mojaqmey cha'logh Segh 
vIghajpu'bogh ngaS. ghaytan qechmeyvetlh ghajpu' vay' (not "HolQeD" 
vIlaDbe'), 'ach laDchugh neH vay', ghaHvaD vIlablaH.

While I'm at the computer: I've written a small essay, about ideas I have 
had on Type 2 suffixes. Probably, somebody has had them already (I've never 
read HolQeD), but if somebody wants to read them, then I can send it.

Qapla' 'ej Satlho'


(ghItlhpu' ter'eS:
>sense of "to speculate".  In this way, the *QAO
>sentence really _is_ a positive statement in Klingon,
>though we may translate it as a question

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