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Re: [KLBC] -lu' and -ghach

> I'm afraid I still don't fully understand how -lu' works.

From: "TPO" <>
> qagh is the object.  qagh Soplu' - gagh is eaten.

One of the problems people have when trying to use /-lu'/ is that they get
mixed up between "indefinite subject" and "passive voice."  English has a
passive voice, Klingon does not (passive Klingon?!?).  The active voice
version of "qagh is eaten" is "someone eats qagh," and it is this active
voice version that you should think about when translating.

qagh Soplu'.
Someone unspecified eats qagh.
("qagh is eaten.")

[SoH] Daqawlu'taH
An unspecified subject will continuously remember you.
(Better English is the passive voice here: "You will be remembered."  But
the KLINGON sentence is not passive.)

quSvamDaq ba'lu''a'?
Does someone unspecified sit in this chair?
("Is this seat taken?")

And of course,

Qu'vaD lI' net tu'bej.
One definitely discovers that it is useful for the mission.
(/X net Y/ is used instead of /X 'e' Y-lu'/.)

Always remember: the only TRUE meaning of /-lu'/ is that the subject is not

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