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[KLBC] -lu' and -ghach

Hi again,

I feel a bit ashamed to be asking this since I've been studying Klingon for 
a while now, but I'm afraid I still don't fully understand how -lu' works. 
I read in TKD:

Daqaw	you remember something/someone
Daqawlu'	something/someone remembers you

Ok, I thought a while back, so now I can say:

Soplu' qagh	gagh is eaten

Or "something/someone eats gagh". Identical to the "you remember"-example, 
I thought. But, yes, I know, -lu' indicates an indefinite subject, so that 
rules out Soplu' qagh. But I wonder, then why is Daqawlu' allowed? Doesn't 
that specify the subject as being "you"? So I can say:

Soplu'		it is eaten

but not:

Soplu' qagh	the gagh is eaten

So what about Soplu' 'oH? Would that be allowed?

Also, I don't quite understand the example of -lu' in TKD... I already know 
it's supposed to be naDev puqpu' lutu'lu' rather than naDev puqpu' tu'lu', 
but I still don't understand...

lutu'		they find something/someone
lutu'lu'		something/someone finds them

So the subject and object are reversed.


puqpu' lutu'	they find children
puqpu' lutu'lu'	something/someone finds children

Now the subject and object aren't reversed. And what about, for instance, 
puqpu' Datu'lu' be?? What would that mean?

I'm probably making a big fuss about something that's really quite easy, 
but maybe you could explain it for me anyways. :)

Also, a quick question about -ghach: is it ever used?? I mean, I know it's 
"weird" (but not forbidden?) to use it on verbs with no suffixes, but is it 
ever used altogether, or do people generally avoid it because it's not 

Thanks for your time.


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