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Re: qelI'qam

From: <>
> Okrand seems reluctant to deal with measurements most of the time. I once
> him how many 'ujmey in a qelI'qam, offering that he could answer it later
so he
> wouldn't feel pressured to answer it on the spot. I even offered a couple
> the more round numbers that approximate our current understandings of
> lengths.

He doesn't want people to be able to add things together and announce "This
doesn't work."  I don't blame him.  We tear apart everything he does.

We have several Klingon units of measure and their metric equivalents,
coming straight from Okrand.  Apparently (since everyone seems to be dancing
around the point without actually admitting it), the only measure that we
have a Klingon word for that he HASN'T converted for us is the /qelI'qam/.

So the answer to my original question is apparently, "No, Okrand has never
mentioned the metric equivalent of the /qelI'qam/."

Stardate 2145.3

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