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Re: agentive -wI'

I re-read the posting that started this and have a couple of comments to 
add to my previous post.

 > ?HoHeghwI' -- he/she who kills himself

The suffix 'egh starts with a '.  There is a typo that omits the ' at the 
beginning of 4.2.1 but all the examples include the '.

 > DughojmoHwI' - he/she who teaches you(singlular)

I don't reject -wI' on prefixed verbs out of hand, but this one comes off 
as weird.  Perhaps it's because I know I'd say ghojmoHwI'lI' for that 
sense.  I would use -wI' on any combination of suffixes if I judged that 
construction to be the most effective means of communicating a given meaning.

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