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Re: agentive -wI'

Isn't this fascinating. It has never occurred to me for an instant that 
there was any restriction on the use of -wI', within the bounds of making 
semantic sense.  So, as someone else mentioned, -lu' doesn't make sense, 
and -neS is pointless, but it seems an oddly imposed limit to forbid -wI' 
anywhere but on a bare stem.

I use constructions like these constantly:

QoylaHbe'wI'  - deaf person
SuvQo'wI' - conscientious objector
pe''eghwI'pu' nIv - leading scorers
ghojqangwI'pu' - willing students
muvqa'wI'pu' - people who rejoined
chu'chu'wI'pu'  - screaming newbies

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