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Re: agentive -wI'

From: <>
> Sean M. Burke wrote:
> >>(Assuming "ghojmoH" is lexicalized.)
> Voragh wrote:
> >I'm not sure I know what you mean by lexicalized, but there is a separate
> >entry for {ghojmoH}  "teach, instruct".
> I can't speak for Sean, but I believe he's suggesting that Klingons think
> {ghojmoH} as one word, not ghoj + -moH.  I've wondered about this too,
> especially as it ties in to the debate that's been going on about how to
> think of -moH in a holistic way.  It might depend on the person.
> "Maintenance" is one word, with its own dictionary entry, but you can
> of it as "maintain + -ance".
> In a Klingon dictionary for Klingons, would ghojmoH have its own entry?
> one knows.

In a message once (I think it was republished in HolQeD), Marc Okrand stated
that entries in TKD like /ghojmoH/ were included because when people used
the English-Klingon part of the dictionary, they'd look for words like
"teach," but wouldn't think of looking for "learn" to find it.  Since they
existed in the English-Klingon part of the dictionary, they were also
included in the Klingon-English part.

You cannot take a word like /ghojmoH/ and forget that, grammatically, it's a
verb+suffix.  You can't say "/ghojmoH/ is its own word, so */ghojmoHHa'/ is
valid."  It's not.  The word would be /ghojHa'moH/.  All of this was
explained by Okrand.

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