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agentive -wI'

I've got a wee question about -wI'.  In The Klingon Dictionary, I see
examples of it which are all of the form VERBROOT-wI'.  However, can one
have other verb affixes?

To take the ever popular theme of killing (HoH) as an example, could these
be valid?

?HoHta'wI' -- he/she who has deliberately killed
?HoHpu'wI' -- he/she who has killed, but maybe not deliberately
?HoHlaHwI' -- he/she who could kill ("potential killer")
?HoHlaHta'wI' -- he/she who may have killed, deliberately
?HoHlu'wI' -- he/she who is killed
?HoHmoHwI' -- he/she who causes killings
?HoHrupwI' -- he/she who is ready to kill
?HoHeghwI' -- he/she who kills himself

And just maybe some shade of meaning could be imparted by pronoun prefixes,
a` la Iroquois semi-nominals?

DughojmoHwI' - he/she who teaches you(singlular)

And while we're at it, what's "teacher"?  ghojmoHwI'?  Would that argue for
allowing -wI' with other verb affixes, at least in lexicalized cases?
(Assuming "ghojmoH" is lexicalized.)

Sean M. Burke

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