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RE: A -moH suggestion

ja' SuStel:
>There's absolutely no funny business going on here.  It's all by the 
>book, no additional grammar necessary.

> I would be happy to agree, were it not for the {Ha'quj} sentence.  
> You seem willing to dismiss it as a valid example of usage.  I'd 
> rather use it as a window into the way Klingon grammar works when 
> {-moH} appears on a verb which already has an object.

jIQochbe', ghunchu'wI'. tlhIngan Hol pab mIwna' 'agh chovnatlhvam 'e' vIHar je. 'ach Huvbe' Qorwagh'e'. Qorwagh latlh DopDaq qaS vay' 'e' wIbej, 'ach Hoch ta'lu'bogh wIleghlaHchu'be'. chovnatlhvam wIpojlaH 'ej mIwDaj wIlo' 'e' wInIDlaH, 'ach wIlo'DI' malugh wej 'e' wISovlaHbej.


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