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Re: adverbials + -Ha'

 > jaSHa' wIwuq.

>At the 2000 qep'a' in conversation with MO, I went over the list I had
>prepared of adverbs + -Ha'. This was the very one which I was disappointed
>to learn from MO himself that it does NOT work.  He never explained why.

Interesting.  It would be nice to supplement the comments Okrand made in 
HolQeD 4.4:

   "The word for 'dishonorably' is {batlhHa'}. This is clearly the adverbial
    {batlh} 'in an honored fashion' plus a suffix {-Ha'}, which might be
    analyzed as the negative suffix that follows verbs or else as a suffix
    identical in form (and meaning?) to it, but which appears with adverbials.
    Whether this {-Ha'} can be added to all adverbials is not clear. The
    notes taken while working with Maltz indicate that he balked at {vajHa'}
    (not thus?) but accepted {Do'Ha'} 'unfortunately'. Information on other
    adverbials has not yet been uncovered, though it is probably in the notes

What other adverbials did you two discuss?  Do you still have the list?

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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