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Re: bo'Degh

nuQum ghunchu'wI':

>The Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds" took place in Bodega Bay.

Hitchcock ngotlhwI' ghaHlaw' Marc Okrand'e'.  DaH Hitchcock qIDDaj cha'DIch 
'oH <bo'Degh>'e'.  DIp <'ev> 'oH qID wa'DICH'e'.

Okrand must be a fan of Hitchcock.  {bo'Degh} is now his second Hitchcock 
pun (AFAIK);  the first was the noun {'ev} "area northwestward, area 
towards the northwest".

>Bodega Bay is a "Globally Important Bird Area" in Sonoma County,
>California.  It's an extremely popular place for bird watching, and not
>just because of the movie.

Aha!  I bet that's exactly why Hitchcock set the movie there.  <evil grin>

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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