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RE: KLBC T'Anna (was: RE: Puns in new vocab, Da'vI' Da'nal je

 ? mark was I wasn't sure if I had it right or not.
  TPO <> wrote: > > > :)Translation: I salute you? T'Anna. You
> > > certainly study continuously, with honor the Klingon Language.
> > > > :> > BTW, qavan, T'Anna. batlh tlhIngan Hol DaHaDbejtaH.

Good. (but don't put the ? on the first sentence.)
The english might seem kind of awkward, but the klingon is smooth. You can
put the english together in different ways to try to smooth it out; but you
DID get it right.

>(I'm not sure what BTW is.)

By The Way...

DloraH, BG

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