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RE: KLBC: Challenge?

 Ok.  I thought so, but I wasn't sure.  You are right though, it sounds appropriate.  Our captain came up with this idea.  Thing is our characters are Vulcan.  LOL.  He wanted to be challenged, & I came up with this idea.  He was raised on the Enterprise E.  I told him not during pon farr, not a good idea.  Plus I'd have to be the one to challenge him.
  TPO <> wrote: > > For more information on this topic, read KGT p67-69 Duels and
> I would look that up, but I don't have that book, sorry.
> Couldn't find it in the book store. I will definately order it.

Merchandise that has to do with the language can be ordered from the KLI

> Does KGT mean Klingon Galatic Traveler?

Klingon for the Galactic Traveler

> Now I have another question. Is it right for a Klingon to
> challenge someone, to make sure he is worthy of the lady's hand
> in marriage? As a friend?

It's certainly possible.

In a DS9 episode Quark fights against one of Grilka's guards. The guard
doesn't want to marry Grilka, but he challenges Quark, questioning if Quark
is worthy.

When Dax and Worf married, the bachelor part went on some kind of harsh
quest they had to endure.

DloraH, BG

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