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Re: Alphabet

From: "qe'San (temp ADSL email)" <>
> This reminds me of an Interstellar Language School publication which
> that Klingon [a] sounded like [oh] in John... It took me ages to figure
> why such a glaring mistake had been made... Then I twigged, there was no
> mistake at least not from the authors perspective as some people do
> pronounce [John] like [Jarn].. Not quite sure how to describe how I say
> Jon/John and couldn't find an IPA font with the symbol I needed so I'll
> leave it there.

I speak American East Coast Newscasterese (sans monotonous tones--I wasn't
trained in it, it's just what I speak, more or less), and I pronounce "John"
and Klingon /jan/ identically.  There is no weak "r" in there.  Listen to
the sounds on /tlh/sounds.html done by Mark Shoulson.
These are accurate (except his initial /gh/ is a little too gargly,
something I think that Mark himself is aware of).

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