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KLBC A Simple Story

All this talk of stories has made me want to write one of my own. How'd I 

Qagh tlhIngan

ngemDaq yIt yaS. be' 'IH HoH ghoqwI' Soy' 'e' legh yaS. pay' yaS Qoy 
ghoqwI'. So'choH ghoqwI'. porghDaq ghoS yaS. be' qab ghovchu'! yaS be'nal 
HoHpu' ghoqwI'! nom ghoqwI' tlha' yaS. ghoqwI'vaD qojHomDaq woD yaS QeH. qet 
ghoqwI' 'ej tlha' yaS. nuHDaj tu' yaS. ghoqwI'Daq bachlaw'. Qagh yaS! bong 
puqDaq bach! yaS QeHmo' Qagh ghaH. vIttlhegh lIj: bortaS bIr jablu'DI'reH 
QaQqu' nay'.

A Klingon Makes a Mistake

An officer walks in the forest. The officer sees a clumsy spy kill a 
beautiful woman. Suddenly the spy hears the officer. The spy begins to hide. 
The officer approaches the body. He clearly recognizes the woman's face! The 
officer's wife has been killed by the spy! Quickly the officer chases the 
spy. The angry officer throws the spy over the embankment. The spy runs and 
the officer chases. The officer finds his weapon. Apparently, he shoots the 
spy. He has made a mistake! He accidently shoots a child! Because of his 
anger the officer has made a mistake. He forgets the proverb: revenge is a 
dish best served cold.

Hergh Suy

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