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Re: Qov, Thank you

lab oneqcat

> >Does anyone know the translation of this:
> >nuqjatlh?!  ghawran HoH'a' wo'rIv jay?  chay'!  >lutvetlh vIleghbe'ba'pu'.
> >logh Hop Hut tengchaHDaq qaS'a'?
>It says:
>What are you saying?!  Worf *&^%ing killed Gowron?  What the!?  I'm sure I
>haven't seen that episode.  Does it happen on DS9?
>Thank you!
>Well, what the heck. Just for you all to have a good laugh I'll show you 
>what my searching through the books got me.  Now I wish I would have 
>written the books and page numbers where I found each thing.

That's pretty typical.  I'll give you two rules for translating Klingon 
with a dictionary:

Rule 1: There is only one Klingon word per word.

What does that mean?  Once you have found the beginning of a word, e.g. 
legh, don't keep looking up the rest of the word in the word list.  The 
rest of the word is SUFFIXES and you have to look them up in the 
appropriate (noun or verb) suffix list.

Rule 2. Expect OVS word order.

Know that a sentence must have a verb, and that if the verb has an object, 
it will be before the verb, and that if it has a subject it will be after 
the verb.  For each verb, ask, who or what is doing this?  To whom or 
what?  Are there any modifying words before the OVS part of the sentence or 

>nuqjalth =  What did you say?  or Huh? or What?!

And you were right there, but do spell nuqjatlh correctly.  It takes a 
while to get your fingers to do that tlh thing, but after a while they do 
it unbidden and you can no longer type "athlete" or "healthy" without 
extreme care not to put a tlh in the middle.

>ghawran  = Gowron  (the only word I didn't have to look up)
>HoH'a' = Murder

In this case it was HoH - kill (v) plus the verb suffix -'a' that makes it 
into a yes/no question.

the concept embodied by the noun HoH'a' would usually be greater than 
murder.  Possibly "genocide" or "mass slaughter."

>wo'rIv  (could not find)


>jay = invective

Spelled: jay'

>chay' = How

Which may have been a better translation for it in this case.  Used by 
itself it can mean "How the?"  "What the?" "How did this happen?"

>lutvetlh =  That story

So you know some affixes, good.

>vIleghbe' = Not see

More specifically, "I did not see [it]". That's what the vI- prefix makes 
it mean.

>ba'pu'   (could not find, except for the words
>  ba' =sit   pu' = phaser.  It made no sence to    me so I knew I had to 
> be way off base!)

These are verb suffixes. -ba' and -pu'.  Look 'em up.

>logh =  space
>Hop = Be remote, far
>Hut = The number 9

And that didn't give you a hint?

>tenchaDaq   Couldn't find it together so I tried

Spell it correctly tengchaHDaq and you will find it where it's supposed to 
be, minus the -Daq, which is a noun suffix.

>qaS = occur, happen


They are fairly simple sentences. Go back and see if you can work out the 
function of each word in them.

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