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Qov, Thank you

>Does anyone know the translation of this:
>nuqjatlh?!  ghawran HoH'a' wo'rIv jay?  chay'!  >lutvetlh vIleghbe'ba'pu'.
>logh Hop Hut tengchaHDaq qaS'a'?

It says:
What are you saying?!  Worf *&^%ing killed Gowron?  What the!?  I'm sure I 
haven't seen that episode.  Does it happen on DS9?

Thank you!  
Well, what the heck. Just for you all to have a good laugh I'll show you what my searching through the books got me.  Now I wish I would have written the books and page numbers where I found each thing.

nuqjalth =  What did you say?  or Huh? or What?!
ghawran  = Gowron  (the only word I didn't have to look up)
HoH'a' = Murder  
wo'rIv  (could not find)   jay = invective
chay' = How
lutvetlh =  That story 
vIleghbe' = Not see
ba'pu'   (could not find, except for the words
 ba' =sit   pu' = phaser.  It made no sence to    me so I knew I had to be way off base!)
logh =  space
Hop = Be remote, far
Hut = The number 9
tenchaDaq   Couldn't find it together so I tried   splitting it up and came up with:
ten = embark
qaS = occur, happen

After not having any idea what the heck was being said,  I asked for the translation.
vIghro'   ( Cat  >^..^< )

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