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Re: peD

From: <>

> PS:  You're so right that MO has "violated" his own rule prohibiting a
type 7
> verb suffix after the pronoun 'e' (at least in SAO construction).
> So, does this bring us to consider that the language is "undergoing
> evolution"?  If MO uses the language this way, should we not follow suit?

I believe Voragh just showed that he did it just twice, in really complex
sentences.  Is it so hard to believe that he simply goofed?  Okrand makes
lots of mistakes, and this is a particularly easy mistake to make, because
the rule is so arbitrary.  (Yes, I know why he wrote it, but without
referencing the real world, it's arbitrary.)

Personally, I ENJOY the rule, and I don't want you nay-sayers to ruin it for
me!  :-P

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