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Re: peD

In a message dated 1/31/2002 8:55:44 AM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

> chal wep lurur 'engmey'e'. qaStaHvIS ram, Dachchugh 'eng, bIrchoHlaH muD. 
> SaHchugh 'engmey, loQ bIrchoHghach bot. muD tujchoHmoHlaH pemHov neH, 'ach 
> muD 
> bIrchoHghach mevlaH 'engmey.

Daj ghItlhvam.  Dotlh Delchu'.  Dun mu'mey Dalo'bogh.  vIlaDmeH, ngeD 

Dun tlhIngan Hol, qar'a'?


PS:  You're so right that MO has "violated" his own rule prohibiting a type 7 
verb suffix after the pronoun 'e' (at least in SAO construction).

So, does this bring us to consider that the language is "undergoing 
evolution"?  If MO uses the language this way, should we not follow suit?

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