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Re: cussing

Jennifer Kalel asks:

>>>Know any cussing words in klingon?

A few years ago for Glen Proechel's qIb HeHDaq website I compiled a list of 
the known Klingon curse words, examples of their usage, as well as 
-unofficial- speculation garnered from a variety of sources:

N.B.  I wrote this well before "Klingon for the Galactic Traveller" was 
published; it does not reflect the additional insights presented 
therein.  Still, there's enough for those who want to say something other 
than {petaQ} *p'tak*!

pe'vIl mu'qaDmey tIbach!

Which means:

   The commonly heard sendoff "Curse well!" - roughly comparable in usage 
to the
   Federation Standard "Good luck!" - literally means, "Shoot curses 
   Curses are considered a weapon of a sort which must be propelled to their
   targets.  ["The Klingon Way", p.148]

Voragh                            "Damage control is easy. Reading 
Ca'Non Master of the Klingons      hard!"         (Montgomery Scott to 
Kirk, STIV)

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