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KLBC - Practice (was KLBC Translation Needed)

Since I said i was going to try to translate it into tlhIngan Hol, here is my first attempt.

These are the first two sentences from the e-mail I sent.  Still working on the others.  These probably aren't completely right, but again it's a start

As are all the other experts and past BG's on the board.  
Since this wasn't exactly a complete sentence...I'm going to change it to make it one.

All the other experts and past BG's are patient with beginners.

taghwIpu' tuv Hoch (other) po'pu' ej (past) taghwI pabpu'.

I am also a beginner and once I really started reading TKD (The Klingon Dictionary), I found that tlhIngan Hol is a lot easier than it first looks.  

jItaghwI je 'ej wa'logh tlhIngan mu'ghom (really) vIlaDchoH (not sure it is the right suffix), tlhIngan Hol (a lot)ngeD

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