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> Is saying the following the same?
No. One is correct, the other is wrong.
But I understand the way you are thinking!

> jIlegh - legh jIH
> Duj vIlegh - Duj legh jIH

The problem is that pronouns are optional (you don't need them) but the
prefixes must be there. In your case it's even more confusing, because the word
{jIH} can also mean "viewing screen", so {Duj legh jIH} means *only* "the
viewing screen sees the ship"

If you add a pronoun (for emphasis for instance) you still need the prefix:

{jIlegh} "I see"
{jIlegh jIH} "I, Me, I see"

{Duj vIlegh} "I see the ship"
{Duj vIlegh jIH} "Me, I see the ship"

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