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Translation needed

Hi there

This is the first time I write to this list so please excuse my english, but
my klingon is even worse.

I'm not sure if I have to introduce myself or if it's common to do it. Maybe
some short info: My name is Marc, my age is 30 and I'm very interested in
the klingon language. 

So, my first question is this: Is it possible to translate the following
sentence into klingon (it doesn't need to be translated literally, perhaps
it's possible to give more than one possible translations):

"To forgive and to forget means to be free"

I know there is no "to be" in klingon. Maybe "Freedom means to forgive and
to forget" is also possible? Again, my english is not the best, so please
correct any misstakes in my "to be translated" sentences.

Thank you in advance.


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