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Re: Klingon WOTD: vIq (n)

what is KGT?  I have the Klingon Dictionary and the two audio tapes from Okrand...and I'm quite new to this serious study of the language, so bear with me please...
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  >This is the Klingon Word Of The Day for Tuesday, December 24, 2002.
  >Klingon word:   vIq
  >Part of Speech: noun
  >Definition:     combat
  >Additional Notes:
  >KGT p. 47.  Any specific "battle" is {may'}, but the concept of battle is 
  >{vIq}, often translated as "battle."

  The quote from KGT (p.47) in more detail:

     In parallel fashion, any specific "battle" is {may'}, but the concept of 
     is {vIq}, often translated as {combat}... In short, the nouns {veS} ("war,
     warfare") and {vIq} ("combat") and the verb {Qoj} ("wage war") all are 
  used to
     refer to the ideas of warfare, combat, and making war, while the nouns 
     ("war") and {may'} ("battle") and the verbs {ghob} ("make war, do 
  battle") and
     {Suv} ("fight") are used when referring to specific, concrete instances 
  of war,
     battle, and fighting. Thus it is possible to say ... {may' ghob} or 
  {may' Suv},
     meaning "He/she fights a battle", but it is not normally acceptable to 
  say ...
     {vIq Suv} ("He/she fights a combat").

  Cf. also the nouns {yol} "conflict" and {Seng} "trouble".

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