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Help us save this CHILDREN!

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<a href=""><img src=""; width="468" height="60" align="middle" border="0"></a><br>
<b><font size="3" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">This is a plea 
for help!<br>
I, Tatiana Aksentova, am asking both organizations and private persons to help 
Serezha Aksentov, my son, who is now at the Clinical Children's Hospital in a 
grave condition.<br>
We live in the Vologda region, in a village 80 km from the regional center. I 
worked as a medical assistant; my husband, in a budgetary organization. Serezha 
was born in April 2001. My husband and I were the happiest people in the world, 
if only because we have waited for this child for such a long time (I am 32, and 
my husband is 31 years old). But I thought my life is over when we learned our 
son's diagnosis four months after his birth: leukemia. I am a medical worker, 
and I know what such a diagnosis may mean.. The doctors explained that the treatment 
would be very serious and long but there would be a fair chance for recovery. 
And we decided to struggle for our son's life as hard as we only could. I have 
spent more than a year with our child at the hospital. The treatment was difficult, 
but we hoped for the best and gave all our energy and money for the treatment. 
Thanks to the doctors' efforts, the terrible disease receded.<br>
But now our son is in the state of coma because of fatal circumstances independent 
of his main disease. He needs intensive care. Expensive drugs are daily required: 
Nemotop and Adalate (IV). These medicines are currently absent in the hospital. 
We bought them while we could, but now we have no more money. That is why I am 
asking everybody to help us save the life of our only child.<br>
Tatiana Aksentova </font><br>
<font color="#0000FF" size="4" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><a href="";>Donate 
<font color="#0000CC" size="3" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><i>With 
10$ you can change the lifes of this children.</i></font> </b> 
<p><b><font color="#330099"><a href=""></a></font><br>
  <font color="#000000">RedCrosse International Organization for Children.<br>
  </b> </p>

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