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> > tlhIngan Hol vIjatlhtaHvIS "I will dream of you" vIjatlh
> > vIneH.  mu'tlheghvam vIchenmoHlaH neH:
> >
> >     <<nItebHa' mataH jIH SoH je DaHram 'e' vInaj>>
> >     "You and I are together. I will dream it tonight."

>I won't analyze your grammar (that's the BG's job), but I will provide my
>own suggestions:
>     jInajtaHvIS qaqaw.
>     jInajtaHvIS matay'.
>     jInajtaHvIS mutlhej qa'lI'.
>If you want to be specific about tonight, add <DaHjaj ram> or maybe <ramvam>
>to the beginning.

An example from canon to consider in the meantime:

    bInajtaHvIS qeylIS Daghomjaj.
    May you encounter Kahless in your dreams! PK

This can be translated more colloquially as "May you dream of meeting Kahless!"

All of these are work-arounds for the fact that the verb {naj} "dream" 
seems to be intransitive - i.e. it does not take an object.

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