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Re: need help

Se'noj wrote:

>the poem is about {DIr 'In veS} "War Drums".

Reverse the order of the nouns - "war drums" is {veS DIr 'In(mey)}, i.e. 
"war's drum(s)".  If it's easier, remember that the more general noun of 
the two is last:  Just as a {DIr 'In} is a specific kind of {'In} 
"percussion instrument" made of {DIr} "skin", a  {veS DIr 'In} is a 
specific kind of {DIr 'In} "drum" used in war {veS}.

Speaking of which, remember that there are two nouns for "war" depending on 
the context, explained in KGT (pp. 46f.):

   There are two nouns traditionally translated as "war": {veS} and {noH}.
   The first, {veS}, is "war" in the sense of "warfare," the concept or
   idea of war; {noH}, on the other hand, is used for an individual or
   specific war... In short, the nouns {veS} ("war, warfare") and {vIq}
   ("combat") and the verb {Qoj} ("wage war") all are used to refer to the
   ideas of warfare, combat, and making war, while the nouns {noH} ("war")
   and {may'} ("battle") and the verbs {ghob" ("make war, do battle") and
   {Suv} ("fight") are used when referring to specific, concrete instances
   of war, battle, and fighting. Thus it is possible to say {noH ghob} or
   {noH Suv}, both meaning "He/she fights a war," ... but it is not normally
   acceptable to say {veS ghob} ("He/she fights a warfare").

>I will publish it here when I finish it.

Please do.

Voragh                            "Damage control is easy. Reading 
Ca'Non Master of the Klingons      hard!"         (Montgomery Scott to 
Kirk, STIV)

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