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Re: need help

the poem is about {DIr 'In veS} "War Drums".
I will publish it here when I finish it.

>nughel Se'noj:
>>Does anyone have a word for drums? I am writing a Haiku (HayQu') in 
>>tlhIngan Hol, and this is the only word I am missing
>The word you want is {DIr 'In} "drum (percussion instrument with a 
>stretched animal skin)".
>From KGT (p. 74-75):
>There are a great many Klingon percussion instruments--that is, instruments 
>that make a sound as a result of something striking something else. 
>Klingons seem to enjoy playing the percussion instruments more than 
>instruments of other types. Among these are various drums and bells. The 
>general term for a percussion instrument of any kind is {'In}. Some types 
>of {'In} are struck with the hand, either palm (toch) or fist (ro'), 
>depending on the particular instrument. To hit the instrument with the palm 
>is {weq}; to strike it with the fist is {tlhaw'}. Other members of this 
>group of instruments are hit with a stick of some kind. The stick often 
>resembles a small hammer; when it does, it is termed mupwI'Hom (literally, 
>"small striker"). A plain stick is a {naQHom} (literally, "small cane" or 
>"small staff"). To strike the instrument with a stick is to {moq} ("beat") 
>the instrument. The {'In} itself may be made entirely of metal (in which 
>case it might be described as a bell, though in Klingon it is simply termed 
>{baS 'In}, or "metal 'In") or entirely of wood ({Sor Hap 'In}, "wood 'In". 
>One kind of {Sor Hap 'In} is a tube, open on both ends, with a longitudinal 
>slit extending not quite to either end. It is hit with a {mupwI'Hom}. Drums 
>made of animal skin stretched over a cylinder of various materials are 
>found but are not as common as other types of percussion instruments. Such 
>a drum is called a {DIr 'In} (literally, "skin 'In"). A {DIr 'In} usually 
>has the skin stretched only over one end. A type of drum with skin 
>stretched over both ends is called a {'o'lav}.
>Steven L. Boozer Cataloging Department, University of Chicago Library 
> (773) 702-8726

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