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Re: tugh juHwIj wa'DIch vIje'

On Wed, 18 Dec 2002 wrote:
> > wejbIp tera'ngan DeQ lunojbogh vay' vISamnIS
> > neH! naDev waghqu'bej tugh jay'!
> ghay'cha'!  nuqDaq DaDab?

(Not sure if I used {vatlhvI'} correctly here... Or anything else, for
that matter.  :))

wejbIp DeQ wa'vatlh vatlhvI' vIngIplaH 'e' Daghojchugh chaq qaghIj.  'ach
tugh jiHvaD Huch mulojqangchugh jISovbe'.  wej juH vIneHqu'bogh vIwuq.
vaj jImoDbe'.  jIghIQHa'DI' mIw vIchungmoH.

I might scare you if you learn that I can borrow 100% of the $300k.  But I
don't know if they're actually willing to lend me the money yet.  I
haven't decided which place I really want yet, so I'm not hurrying.  When
I return from my vacation, I'll accelerate the process.


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