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Re: tugh juHwIj wa'DIch vIje'

On Wed, 18 Dec 2002 wrote:
> > naDev waghqu'bej tugh jay'!
> [.. juH jay']

Doh!  :)

> > wejbIp tera'ngan DeQ lunojbogh vay' vISamnIS
> > neH! naDev waghqu'bej tugh jay'!
> ghay'cha'!  nuqDaq DaDab?
> juHwIjvaD vaghnetlh chorghSaD vInob.  (wej QongmeH pa', cha' Duj qach)

{ San Francisco } vISum.  { Silly Con Valley }Daq De'wI' vIghun.
{ Peninsula }vamDaq waghqu' juHmey 'ach naDev chanDaq wagh neH.  :)

wej QongmeH pa' ngaSbogh juH'e' vIje'meH yap wejbIp 'e' vItul.  'ach
latlh rarbe'bogh juH'e' vIje'laH 'e' vIHon.

I'm near San Francisco.  I program computers in Silly Con Valley.  Houses
all over this peninsula are very expensive, but east of here, the houses
are merely expensive.  :)

I hope $300k will be enough that I can afford a three-bedroom home, but I
doubt I'll be able to afford a home that isn't attached to another.  (ie.
I can't afford a single-family residence, I'll be looking at


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