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Re: Klingon WOTD: tuj (n)

----- Original Message -----
From: "Steven Boozer" <>>
> > >>> Klingon word:   tuj
> > >>> Part of Speech: noun
> > >>> Definition:     heat
> Voragh:
> > >> Note the homophonous verb {tuj} "be hot".  Oddly, the opposite
> > >> {bIr} "be cold" does not have a corresponding noun *{bIr} "cold".
> > >> Maltz simply forgot to mention it.)
> qe'San:
> > > My understanding of physics may be lacking so forgive me but
> > > maybe there isn't a noun at all for "cold" untold or otherwise.
> > > Isn't cold a lack of heat i.e. heat is something.
> > > cold is a lack of something.
> Perhaps true in the greater scheme of things but completely irrelevant
> it comes to natural languages.  (All the languages I've heard of have
> for "heat" and "cold", almost always from different roots come to think of
> it.  "Hot" and "cold" are primal ideas.)  Klingon was supposed to be a
> "natural"-feeling artificial language.  IOW this ain't supposed to be
> Vulcan, folks.

Very true... It was just a thought.. a way of accepting why we don't know of
it yet.  Mind you as Klingon seems to be about accuracy perhaps they never
needed a noun perhaps they just used the verb adectively or as a verb and
never required found a need for a noun. Perhaps not and the noun followed
the pattern of heat/be hot but I know I can't assume anything there.

E.g. when we might say, "the cold was bitter" a Klingon might say, "the cold
wind was bitter" or if no wind, "the cold air was bitter" etc...

I agree about your Natural languages comment but doesn't a natural language
grow from the users culture. I'm having trouble thinking of uses for a noun
"cold" except for expressions of discomfort; "The cold is unbearable" etc ..
As Klingons aren't supposed to consider comfort maybe that could be another
reason not to have developed a Klingon noun for it (should that be the
case). Of course to counter my own argument a Klingon slant on that same
concept could be "{the cold} is refreshing" but there again they could just
as easily say, "the cold air is refreshing" or whatever is appropriate as I
suggested above..

Maybe we'll be given a noun for cold but I know from past experience I can
only play with what we know.

> SuStel:
> >Hmm!  What about /tujHa'ghach/?

I like it

> Using qe'San's definition, not bad - especially in a scientific
> context.  Cryogenics, anyone?


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