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Re: qepHom cha'DIch

lab Quvar:

>DaH rIn qepHommaj.
>Now our qepHom is over.

>jaj wa' pawDI' jeSwI'pu', tlhIngan Hol lujatlhlaHbe'chu' 'op.
>When the participants arrived the first day, most could not speak klingon 
>at all.
>pagh mu' Sov 'op, 'ej pablaHbe' chaH.
>They knew no words, and no grammar.
>rInDI' qepHom, paQDI'norghmo' mu'tlhegh ngeD chenmoHlaH Hoch 'ej mu'tlhegh 
>Qatlh chenmoHlaH HochHom.
>After the qepHom, almost everyone was at least able to make easy sentences, 
>and most people even managed to create difficult sentences!

vIt Quvar. qaStaHvIS qepHom pe'vIl tlhIngan Hol lughoj taghwI'pu'.
'ej pe'vIl chaH ghajmoH Quvar, BG. ghojmoHwI' QaQ ghaHbej. qaStaHvIS jaj 
cha'DIch mu'tlheghmey 'IH qonchoHlaH chu'wI'pu' 'ej Qujmey qaDmey je 
tIvchoHlaH. ghu'vam vIbejtaHvIS jIbelqu'.

>      There were twenty-one (!!) people attending (coming from four 
>different countries), and we definitely had a lot of fun! While the 
>beginners (60%) were following the lessons all the way thru TKD, the 
>advanced (30%) were silently playing *tlhInSa'* and passively listening to 
>the class, and the experts (10%) have been translating
>things on their computer.

wa' ngoD potlh DalIjlaw'. qaStaHvIS qepHom pe'vIl tlhIngan Hol lulo' 'op nuv 

>... and the experts (10%) ...

10%? wa'maH vatlhvI'? nuqjatlh?
jeS cha'maH wa' nuv vaj cha' vI' wa' nuv 'oS wa'maH vatlhvI'.
'ach qaStaHvIS qepHom nuvpu' naQqu' neH vIlegh.  pagh vI' wa' nuv
(0.1 percent of a person) vIleghbe'. naQHa'bogh po'wI'vam yIngu'!

(jIqID neH. bIjangnISbe'.)

>If there is a line between qepHom and qep'a', we certainly touched it! :-)



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