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Re: two different types of object

From: "Steven Boozer" <>

> Another question is:  What is the order of pronouns in Klingon?  Different
> languages don't always follow the same order.  Is it properly {qorDu'wIj
> jIH je} "my family and I/me" (i.e. 3rd person, 2nd person, 1st person - as
> in English) or {jIH qorDu'wIj je} "I/me and my family" (i.e. 1st person,
> 2nd person, 3rd person), or something else entirely?

I seem to remember that there was exactly one example of a pronoun conjoined
with another word; naturally I can't think of what that example is.
However, I do remember that the example gave /jIH/ first.

Since I don't know where to find it, I could be wrong.

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