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RE: Sayu'nIS

> wa' <leng Hov> *movie*meyDaq, tlhIngan Suv *Spock? 

/wa'/ says the quantity is "one", but you have /-mey/ on there.
Should be <Hov leng> instead of <leng Hov>.
You end it with ? but you have no question words or suffix.

> qaS qar jupwI' *Doug,

You have two verbs together.

> 'ach vIqawbe'bej. 

> Satlhob 'e' *Doug vIlay'.  qatlho'.

What is the object of /lay'/?  /'e'/ or /*Doug/?

*DougvaD 'e' vIlay'.

DloraH, BG

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