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Re: Can anyone answer my question?

> Voragh:

> True, if {logh veQ} is a noun-noun construction: "space garbage" (as 
> opposed to other kinds of garbage).
that's what the translation says.

> Correct.  It sounds a bit odd with {maHDaq} to me, but it's perfectly 
> grammatical.
Sounds odd to me, too, but somewhere in TKD (don't have it with me now) it
says pronouns can act like nouns (and thus take their suffixes)

> This works because it's unlikely the Romulans will be using us as the 
> projectile!
At our *Qetlop*, we have a game called "romulan-throwing" }}:-)

> >verenganDaq QImmey vIbach
> >"I shoot eggs at the ferengi."
> Correct, though I might have used {jaD} "throw around, hurl about". 
Me too, but I wanted to use the verb {bach} :-)


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