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Re: "The Cat in the Hat"

peHruS wrote:
> >> ..."The Cat in the Hat"
>I recall just recently seeing a post from Voragh including a Skybox text by
>MO himself with the answer I have been looking for.  It follows the formula:
>mIvDaq vIghro' tu'lu'bogh yach puq.

You know, you could vary {mIvDaq vIghro' tu'lu'bogh} "the cat located in 
the helmet" with {vIghro'Daq mIv tu'lu'bogh} "the helmet located on the 
cat" in this children's rhyme to good effect.

>{tu'lu'bogh} circumnavigates the need for a type 5 noun suffix on it because
>it is a verb.  I will try to find this Skybox example again.

SkyBox S7:

   DujvamDaq tlhIngan nuH tu'lu'bogh pov law' Hoch pov puS 'ej DujvamDaq
     'op SuvwI' tu'lu'bogh po' law' tlhIngan yo' SuvwI' law' po' puS.
   It has the best weapons and some of the finest warriors in the Klingon

"the Klingon weapons located on this ship..."
"some of the warriors located on this ship..."

Of course, WRT to cats wearing hats - or felinoids wearing helmets - a 
simpler solution is shown in S20:

   qorDu'Daj tuq 'oS Ha'quj'e' tuQbogh wo'rIv.
   The sash that Worf wears is a symbol of his family's house.

Adding {mIv tuQbogh vIghro''e'} "the cat that wears a helmet" and {mIv'e' 
tuQbogh vIghro'} "the helmet that the cat wears" to the above would be 
quite funny, in fact.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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