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Re: Deconstructing {law'/puS}

>Just in case anyone's interested, I have always thought of this by 
>remembering MO's 'conjecture' in the
>addenda to TKD that all non-suffixed verbs can be viewed as nouns. 
>That makes the construction (for
>'Iw jeD law' bIQ jeD puS
>translatable literally as "blood's thickness is many, water's 
>thickness is few". It's a shaky means of seeing
>the language, but my opinion of language is that this kind of 
>literal translation is useful as a kind of
>transitional state between the Klingon and the English. Thus we 
>translate from full Klingon, to English words
>acting like Klingon, to normal English.
>Anyway, I don't think it matters how each individual chooses to 
>deconstruct it, as long as it works for that
>person. I do it like this because this is how it makes sense to me, 
>as long as I can remember this isn't really
>how a Klingon thinks of it. Some people see it differently. It 
>doesn't matter as long as both end up with an
>equivalent translation.
>qayajmoH 'e' vItul.
>-> I cause you to understand; I hope it. ->
>I hope I have been enlightening.

Datulchu'. qatlho'.


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