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RE: Klingon scrabble

From: Alan Anderson [] 
>I think Jeremy Cowan came up with this table about five or six years

Actually, 'twas not I that created the frequencies and points.  Someone
on the list analyzed the letter frequencies in TKD and based on the
formulas used to create the original scrabble frequencies and points, he
suggested the values that you have repeated.  I do believe, though, that
I was the first to actually alter a game board and pieces and the first
to host a game (at GenCon).

Play at the qep'a' has seemed to indicate that there aren't enough
glottal stops - given the usefulness of suffixes in the game and the
higher relative frequency of glottal stops in the suffixes.  However,
I'm loathe to alter my set.  I view it, instead, as a challenge to play
the game with the relative lack of glottal stops.


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