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RE: Maldives

lab DloraH:

>  > >  > >  > hm. how can i read "HolQeD"?
>>  >>  >
>>  >>  >Become a member of the KLI.
>>  >>  >"How do I do that?"  Go to
>>  >>  >Membership includes the quarterly journal HolQeD.
>>  >>  >Back issues are also available at the KLI's merchant page.
>>  >>
>>  >>  'institute' sounds as if i were getting some kind of professor, and
>>  >
>>  >That would be Lawrence.
>>  who's lawrence? what does he do?
>Hmm.  How did you find this mailing list?  You do know about the KLI don't
>you?  The Klingon Language Institute, founded by Dr Lawrence Schoen.

i searched for tlhIngan Hol and found and this list. i must 
admit that i was not very curious about the history of this list, as 
facts, figures and names i cannot memorize very well. hm. lawrence 
schoen. hello. :)


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